What's Your AIM?

Your Accessibility IMpact (AIM) assessment report provides detailed WAVE data, your site's AIM score, and expert manual test results to give you insights into the accessibility of your web site for users with disabilities. Higher AIM scores indicate a higher positive impact and better implementation of accessibility.

  1. WAVE is used to generate a site-wide Automated Accessibility Score.

  2. Expert testers calculate a Manual Accessibility Impact Score.

  3. The AIM score and accessibility report are generated.

AIM Scoring

Automated Accessibility Score

The Automated Accessibility Score is generated by the powerful WAVE Stand-alone API and Testing Engine, which identifies programmatically-detectable accessibility barriers and compliance issues across your entire public web site. The AIM engine compiles the number and density of accessibility errors, and number of likely errors (WAVE alerts) for every page provided, then aligns these three values to a sample of one million pages as analyzed annually in the WebAIM Million project to generate a score from 1 to 10. A score of 10 indicates that the site is among the very best in comparison to web pages generally. A score of 5 indicates that the detected errors on the site are about average compared to other pages on the web.

Manual Accessibility Impact Score

The Manual Accessibility Impact Score is generated via expert human testing of a sample of four web pages—typically the home page, two significant content pages, and one randomly selected page. Testers review the four pages to measure the human accessibility impact of the following items:

  1. Accuracy of the web page's defined language
  2. Appropriateness of image alternative text
  3. Impact of empty links and buttons, if present
  4. Impact of labeled or unlabeled form inputs
  5. Impact of low contrast content
  6. Appropriateness of page title
  7. Presence and prevalence of animation and movement
  8. Presence of keyboard focus indicators
  9. Impact of other keyboard accessibility issues
  10. Page support for reflow and responsive design

While this is not a comprehensive list of possible accessibility issues, these are among the most common and most impactful. The Manual Accessibility Impact Score gives a meaningful measure of how these issues impact users with disabilities on these pages.


  1. The AIM score, Automated Accessibility Score, and Manual Accessibility Impact Score
  2. Expert tester notes and recommendations on the manually tested pages.
  3. Documentation for all detected errors and other WAVE items on the site.
  4. Spreadsheet of all WAVE data for all site pages, color-coded and sortable for your convenience.

AIM spreadsheet

View a sample AIM score and report.


$500 for a one-time scan of up to 20,000 web pages, plus $100 for each additional 20,000 pages. If you have more than 100,000 pages, contact us for pricing, or consider the WAVE Stand-alone API or Pope Tech.


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