Site-wide WAVE Products

Need more than just one page at a time? Now you can put the power of WAVE to work on your entire site:

WAVE Stand-alone API

Send the WAVE Stand-alone API a URL and it will return the accessibility data about that page's accessibility. The API (Application Programming Interface) engine can be licensed for stand-alone usage on your server. You can analyze any number of web pages, including intranet, non-public, secure pages, etc. Results are returned in JSON or XML format compatible with the analysis tools that are available with your license.

The WAVE Stand-alone API analyzes pages in a self-contained, "headless" browser after scripting has been applied—full DOM analysis of a rendered web page! The API can also take full-page screenshots, define customized viewport sizes (handy for checking mobile responsive breakpoints), supports pass-through authentication, etc. The stand-alone API runs on Windows, Mac, or Linux and simply requires Apache/nginx and PHP.

Learn more about the WAVE stand-alone API

WAVE subscription API

Don't need to run WAVE locally? The WAVE Subscription API runs on WAVE-hosted servers, helping you collect WAVE data about your public site pages without installing the API engine. Pricing starts at only $10.

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DinoLytics Accessibility - Powered by WAVE (Coming 2018)

DinoLytics LogoWebAIM has partnered with Pope Tech to develop an enterprise level accessibility reporting system based on WAVE. The DinoLytics subscription-based service will provide powerful, economical tools, such as site spidering/crawling, platform organization and administration, custom dashboards, and more to give you the powerful data needed to put you in control of your accessibility efforts.

Pope Tech is looking for initial partners to help drive the development and features of DinoLytics. Follow the link below to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new opportunity.

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WAVE Runner

WAVE Runner allows you to very easily and inexpensively collect WAVE data about the accessibility of your web site. WAVE Runner delivers:

You get WAVE data AND a human analysis of that data AND powerful documentation—and with a guaranteed 5-day turnaround. Pricing starts at $750 for up to 2500 pages.

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